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Fecha Límite para postularse: 3 de Octubre

The 8-week Core program is a full-time experience designed to accelerateyour career trajectory by developing the mindset, network, and skills to ensure you find and succeed in a job at a startup. Featuring practitioner-led instruction and hands-on curriculum, it ensures you understand both the cultural and technical skills required of your career path.

The Application

The written application is the first step in applying to Startup Institute. We want to know more about who you are as a person, what makes you get up in the morning, how your past experiences qualify you for your chosen track, and what you want to get out of this program.

Admissions Deadlines

Startup Institute has three rounds of admission:

Round 1

Round 1 applicants who meet our minimum requirements will be guaranteed a live interview.

Round 2 & 3

Round 2 & 3 applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis.

First round interviews

The next step is a Skype interview with a member of our team. This is your chance to get to know the program better, and ask questions. If you seem like a good fit we’ll invite you to round two.

Second round interviews

In the second round we’ll go a little deeper. This will include a Skype interview with a member of the Startup Institute Team and likely a skills test. This is a chance to demonstrate your work, your thought process, and ability to execute.


Finally, if you are admitted to the program you will receive an email with instructions on next steps. Good luck!

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