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Convocatoria: Becas Postdoctorales en el Institute for Cultural Inquiry (Berlín, Alemania).

Fecha límite: 12 de Enero 2014

The ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry announces ten post-doctoral fellowships within the core project Errans.

Recognizing that a critique of the ideals of productivity, success, goal-orientation, and determination is necessarily paradoxical, the ICI Core Project Errans takes the shifting meanings of erring as a starting point to explore the critical potentials and risks of embracing error, randomness, failure, and non-teleological temporalities. The inquiry is intended to reach across different disciplines and discourses, relating not only to the knowledge of life, diaspora, or arts of failing, but also, for instance, to aesthetics, theories of play and games, or random-walk models in (finance) mathematics.

The ICI Berlin invites scholars from all disciplines to engage in a joint exploration of Errans. We especially welcome applications from individuals who will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in scholarly research.

The committed exchange between fellows is a central aim of the Institute. Applicants should be interested in a theoretical reflection upon the conceptual and intellectual basis of their projects and in discussing it with fellows from other disciplines. In particular, fellows will be expected to participate in the weekly colloquia, bi-weekly informal meetings, and other activities of the Institute, to contribute to a common publication, and to be resident in Berlin for the duration of the fellowship.

The fellowships announced are for the academic years 2014-16 (15 September 2014 – 15 July 2016). There is no age limit, but applicants should have obtained their PhD within ten years of the date of appointment or have fulfilled all requirements for receiving their PhD by 1 July 2014. Stipends range from EUR 1700 to 1900 per month. 

Interested applicants should read the full project description, consult the application instructionsand send their application by e-mail only to the address indicated there.

Application deadline: 12 January 2014

*Please note that the ICI Berlin had also announced a part-time position of an assistant researcher for the project Errans with an earlier deadline (30.11.13). Parallel applications are possible, but a fellowship application by the successful candidate for the assistant researcher position will not be considered in the fellowship selection process. 


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