CONVOCATORIA para The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences de The Hebrew University of Jerusalen (Israel).

Ph.D. Program in computational neuroscience (full program) - One-Year Fellowships for Studying Brain Sciences in Jerusalem (one year program) Deadline for applications: January 17, 2014

Unraveling the mysteries of the mind and the brain is one of the most fascinating endeavors in all of science. The Ph.D. Program in Brain Research: Computation and Information Processingwas created by the faculty of ELSC with the understanding that the solution to this mystery requires multidisciplinary collaboration.

The objective of 5-year Ph.D. program is to provide outstanding students with theoretical and experimental tools that will allow them to employ a broad range of approaches, both experimental and theoretical, in order to understand how the nervous system efficiently performs a wide variety of functions, such as perception and action, learning and memory, thought and creativity.

The students are provided with theoretical and experimental tools in the following core fields: neuroscience (information processing in neurons, anatomy and physiology of the nervous system), physics (neural networks, dynamic models, and statistical mechanics), computer science (theory of computation, learning and optimization), and psychology (cognition, memory, and problem-solving).

All courses of the program are taught in English.

The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) and the Rothberg International School (RIS) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are offering one-year fellowships for excellent Ph.D. students in Neuroscience.

The program is designed for students with a record of excellence at any stage of their graduate studies. The students will spend a year in Jerusalem, hosted and supported by RIS and ELSC, while participating in and contributing to the burgeoning brain research venture at the Hebrew University.

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