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Megan Lee promueve a mujeres científicas creativamente

Muchas iniciativas a lo largo del mundo buscan popularizar la ciencia. Desde los gigantes de la tecnología como Google hasta personas individuales, un verdadero movimiento se ha generado para promover a las mujeres en las ciencias.

Artist Megan Lee has no science background. However, after watching a documentary about Nikola Tesla in 2010, who is well known for his work in electricity, and more specifically his alternating current (AC) idea, she became curious about this “rock star of science”, and decided to make a simple and quick design to put on her wall inspired by his scientific career and contributions.

She came up with a minimalist design using Photoshop and posted it on her blog. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends and readers, she branched out to research other scientists to create more pieces of artwork dedicated to these inspirational scientists. For Lee, working on this new project “opened up a whole new world”. She dives into each scientist’s life and research, in order to identify an image that represents their impactful work. She states, “now I love to research and learn about these other lives”.

She has created different series, including her “Cosmic Pioneers” series, “Rock Stars of Science” series, and a collection that pays tribute to Women in Science.

Her last work honors the women scientists who have made incredible discoveries and contributions over the years. From Ada Lovelace, to Marie Curie, to Rosalind Franklin, Megan has created unique and minimalist designs to represent each of these scientists and she is, in her own way, helping to make these women scientists into household names. Her goal, she writes, is to “use art to inspire science awareness and to celebrate the joys of learning, reading, and showing off your geek pride!”


From posters to t-shirts, you can discover Megan Lee' productions in her website.


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