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Mujeres en astronomia

Como todos los campos científicos, la Astronomía ha experimentado un gran número de contribuciones de diversas mujeres. En esta nota les compartimos a 2 de ellas: Nany Grace Roman quien diseño el primer telescopio espacial Hubble y, la actual directora de la NASA, Ellen Ochoa.


Just like every other scientific field, Astronomy has experienced a number of very important contributions from women, both scientists and hobbyists. OPT would like to take some time on this page to honor these women who have made great strides forward in astronomy, and to spread awareness of their actions and how they have impacted astronomy, both as a science and a hobby. We hope this will inspire others to spend their precious time on this fascinating and ever-growing field.

The Hubble Telescope is one of the most well known and impressive achievements of modern astronomy, but not many people know who its mother was. Nany Grace Roman (Born May 16th, May 1925) is an American Astronomer and one of the primary planners and designers of the original Hubble Space Telescope. She was one of the first female executives at NASA, and because of her extensive role in planning the Hubble Space Telescope she is known as 'The Mother of Hubble', a prestigious and well earned title. She is also a highly active public speaker and educator, as well as an active advocate for women in the sciences. For more information on Nancy Roman and her achievements, feel free to consult NASA's official website for more information on her. 

The current Director of NASA's Johnson Space Center is a highly esteemed American engineer and former astronaut by the name of Ellen Ochoa (Born May 10th, 1958). She was the first Hispanic woman in the world to enter outer space when she served on a nine-day mission aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1993, making history in astronomy by blazing a trail for others to follow. Since then she has engaged in many, many more manned missions into space, and had five separate schools named after her. For more information on this remarkable woman and astronaut, we encourage you to consult NASA's official website

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